“I am a Urban person. I love walking down the streets, having my cup of coffee on the terrace, discovering some new boutiques and Art galleries. I love Art, I love fashion, I love monuments and decoration. So I feel very lucky to live in Paris.


Few years ago, after a great success with some of my New York paintings, a friend of mine who was expatriate in Paris asked me “why don’t you paint Paris cityscape?” Suddenly it comes to me like an obvious fact ! But I didn’t want to paint views of Paris like you can find in Montmartre and Le Sacré-Coeur that I always found without any personality. I wanted to paint like a Parisian woman who knows Paris like her pocket. A Parisian woman who loves Fashion, Luxury, Art de vivre an History of Paris !


I grew up in Paris in the middle of the fashion industry so I created my own Art Collection:   

LA PARISIENNE who became immediately a great success !

I use various mediums like Oil, acrylic, and mixed mediums to give texture. With my knife I depose several paint layers on a prepared canvas to create a complexity of colors. My approach is always very stylish and contemporary. My inspiration comes from everything around me, it is unlimited. I catch everything that is in the air and my imagination does the job. I don’t really control anything, but I always paint what I love.That’s why LA PARISIENNE” collection is a very personal affair. And my customers can feel it.

Every painting of “LA PARISIENNE is a piece of memory of Paris. You will keep with you a very confidential Paris.

Art is not only a painting. Art is the way you live.”



Paris view
Voisinage Parisien2
Place Vendôme
The Ritz
Inside Grand Palais
Eiffel tower I 80x100x2cm
Paris I 120x150x4cm
Le Grand Palais 3
Voisinage Parisien