Born in Paris from Greek parents, Sylvie Phrachias crosses all his youth to travel between France and Greece. Coming from a photographers' family it is the art which is going to be the link between both countries. She is going to create her universe which necessarily will be inspired by these two very strong cultures. Very early she is going to begin to draw, because the photo will not be enough for her. She adores painting in oil but finally it is the acrylic she uses a lot because this is a very quick-drying paint and suits completely in her life on the road. Not being able to limit herself to a single subject she does cityscapes and develops ornamental paintings which mix abstraction and figurative.
She rejects categorically to follow the rules. This is why she will refuse in last minute to study in an Art school in Paris to remain free.
Her work is informal and her approach always very esthetic and contemporary and she uses bright colors, that's why her paintings translate her optimism!
'My work reflects my perception of the world. This is my kingdom and I look forward to use different things, you know, experiment.'


My goal is to create paintings that immediately awake the senses. In this way I want to make a kind of direct communion between me and the viewer. Each of my work is very personal and the result of my mood, my taste and the perception of the world. I want to bring some happiness to people and I always use a very bright palette. I am a very optimistic person so even black can be very bright. I really admire Cy Twombly, Henri Matisse, Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland and of course Mark Rothko, they inspired me freedom...